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In the middle of 2017, after seeing the demand that more sellers want to do international retails but with limit understanding the different countries culture and need, we decide to focus our business on ERP application which helps online sellers understand more clearly the market need, save them daily management time. ‚Äč

In 2018, electronic products designs consulting service is added into ERP application with seeing the bright future of the demand of this need.

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ALL Online Sellers are our customers! Right now, the main features targets to Alibaba Sellers.

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The FREE Testing experience will be 3 months once you registered! Besides that we do offer FREE consulting service if you register with us!


The app offer inventory track and query, sold units track, selling performance and predict.


Help million of small/individual business to help them massively save time in daily management.

What's New?

FREE electronic products design service is added in!

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